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Philosophy takes a lot of time: a lot of time to read it and a lot of time to understand it. It’s necessary to take breaks – not only physically by pulling your head out of a book, but mentally, by injecting a completely different way of thinking into the mix.

Aesthetics, as a branch of philosophy, relies on its’ logical and rational heritage in methods of deduction in order to be understood and developed. It can be easy to lose sight of why Aesthetics was conceived in the first place: as the science of sensual thinking. Aesthetics has to do with the sensible and tangible products of artistic creation or appreciation.

Aesthetic Relief seeks to connect the aspiring Aesthetician with the original objects by offering up some of the thoughts, reflections, and beliefs by the makers of Art, past and present, on Art. Just click on the roulette wheel and wait for the ball to stop on a number. Then click on that number from the block of numbers on the left. Relax, read, enjoy, and maybe reconsider…